Friday, June 28, 2013

New druzy style necklace

 This necklace was made using simple connectors resin druzy style braclet bead from michaels and 20 guage twisted brass wire artist wire.   It also has 5 inches of reg chain and a toggle clasp it was simple and fun to make.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jewel School Friends: Summer Elements Blog Hop

Jewel School Friends: Summer Elements Blog Hop

The Blog Hop is on Have Fun  looking at all the wonderful blogs
Our Thanks to Toltec Jewels our Host.


Thank you Toltec Jewels Our Host, for creating this blog hop  For my element I chsoe water..  The
 Reason you may ask
 Well here"s the story:

I was born in Miami Florida I was brought to swim and enjoy the gulf, the Alantic ocean lakes and pools
amd was in the water just about my whole young aldult life.  I swam at ventian pool in Coral Gables and just about called the pool my home until 1980.  the water was my energy my peace .  no matter where I am during my diffrent stages of life I am drawm to water.  My Family is spread all over New England and the east coast  my mother painted the when I was in my 20 somethings.  you see families can be drawn to the water.
Hawaii is so beatuful the color of the water reminds me of turquoise and ble topaz I loved being able to swim in the Pacific eventhough it was just for a few days .  Water can help heal your heart an regenerate your soul.
This necklace was made due to the need to feel like I was near the water it is made with pearls , crystals , , and rough amythest and the focal is a a Sarowski starfish  it is the third necklace I made .   Eventhough it is simple just beading and stringing it is me just a simple girl longing to get back to her water