Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sue Beads: Color Of Dreams Blog Hop

Sue Beads: Color Of Dreams Blog Hop: The lovely Rita of Toltec Jewels is hosting a blog hop today, The Color of Dreams, and Patricia Handschuh of The Color of Dreams on etsy pr...        

Very nice key chain great idea love the color way:-)

Sunday, April 6, 2014


When I dream , All I see is turquoise water Violet light bay glistening, sand the color of druzy. My dream is to   back home  someday,  I guess that's why I'm so attracted to turquoise And Larimar.
I've never had a dream of bring someone I'm  not  who I am. is the  Music and art and people  that influenced me greatly.  Emerson , Lake, and Palmer in the 70"s and who they took  classical music to all their Album Art was innovative and for the time almost ahead of their time.
So As I start a new direction in my life Listening to my soul Seems more important Then any dream or accomplishment  would or  could have attained.  Yes I am a Nurse  that dream is completed now.
the keyboards are still under the bed,  my soul  still has wings and wants to fly. So the dream changes again.  I discovered my love for making things as a child I guess I must follow that dream to complete my circle of life. I still play guitar and bass not very often .So here are the pieces I have made so far I hope you like  them . And as always thank you Toltec Jewels our host for this blog hop. You have been a great friend and an inspiration. With much love.

Varosite beads wrapped in 18 g copper

Turquoise rounds wire wrapped cocktail ring Mr White Beadalon technique.

The sea shell frame is my inspiration it has the natural colors of the bead.  .I see the purple and greens that come out natural  in the shells.                                       

                                            The Color of Dreams Pendant with the beautiful Bead

 The necklace has been a dream   of mine  to able   to make jewelry accessible to all with disabilities No clasp , easy to put on .but with the trends and classic too. that's my big Dream.  Well I guess you have it all now.