Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Indingo Moon

Well we are starting up yea!,! Itsbeen fun having Sherry Here with me she loves to bead and wire wrap too.,!! Thank you to Toltec Jewels ,you always inspire me to try harder. To my angels in heaven I know your watching over me my morganite earring right in front of my feet after 3 years oh how to be blessed <3... and Lori Anderson you inspire me as well with your strength.and oh how smart you are your book is wonderful.  and the ladies of Jewel School Jtv Christane Ross Kim Prentiss thank you  for  jewel school .And Ms Patti Bullard I love my wubbers :+)
Thanks everyone And The wonderful Dale Cougar Armstrong I am watching and learning every day . So why start now you say?  Well dealing with loss is very hard and you have to pickup and go on andfor those who sent cards and blessings I Thank you from the bottom of my heart so off we go on this new journey and  more to come.   Hugs

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